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What is the cow?

To begin, let’s clarify that the cow is a four-legged mammal that eats grass, whose scientific name is Bos primigenius taurus. It is large, can weigh up to 2500 lbs and measure up to 6 feet. The cow is the common name given to the female of this species, while the male is known as a bull and the offspring of less than 48 months are called calf.

Products Derived or with cow designs

In some cultures, the cow is a sacred animal, because it is a source of food (meat and milk) and is also a symbol of life. On the other hand, they are also used for the manufacture of medicines, cosmetics, fertilizers, clothes, and many other things. In conclusion, cows are a fascinating animal!

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Cows have many unique characteristics that make them easily differentiated from other animal species. If you have asked yourself what are the cows like, we show you below a list of the most outstanding peculiarities.

Cow Characteristics

  • It weighs between 550 and 2535 lbs.
  • Average height: 4 and 6 feet.
  • They measure on average between 6 to 6.6 feet long.
  • Its morphology is vertebrate.
  • They can live between 12 and 20 years.
  • It is characterized by living in flocks.
  • It is an herbivorous animal since its feeding is based on plants.
  • It average body temperature is 39 ºC
  • It has 2 horns that are hollow and its size depends on the species.
  • It has 32 teeth.
  • Has large eyes with a fairly wide field of view up to 300º.
  • The tongue is thick and rough and it can identify up to 4 flavors (salty, sweet, bitter and sour).
  • Its snout has two large holes.
  • Has short and wide hair. It can be reddish, white, gray or black. They can be of a single color or have spots of another color.
  • They are robust and muscular.
  • It skin is leather.
  • It digestive system is complex.
  • It stomach is polygastric.
  • They have only one stomach with 4 cavities that are responsible for processing their food.
  • They have 4 nipples where they are milked to obtain milk.
  • It back is straight.
  • Short and wide neck.
  • It has 2 fingers on each leg.
  • Their legs end in hooves.
  • It has a tail ending in a lock of long hair.

Where does the cow live?

Cows can be raised both on farms and outdoors in forests or meadows. Those that are raised on the farm are usually dairy cows, while those that are raised outdoors are those that are used for meat, although the latter could also be raised on a farm.


More interesting aspects about the Cow

  • The main predators of this precious animal are the bears, the wolves, the tigers, the lions, the leopards and also the humans.
  • They release methane through belching and flatulence.
  • They Muguen to communicate.
  • Bos primigenius taurus was domesticated about 10,000 years ago in India and the Middle East.

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